Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 67: A glance at a genre through poster design

This poster and the other version of it, seen below, are probably two of my favorite band/tour posters, a simple, yet very eye-catching design.

The above poster for the 'Take Action Tour' is one of my least favorite posters, very cluttered...unfortunately this is how way too many tour/band posters are designed these days...I guess some could see it as a reflection of the style of music...

note: the artwork for this poster was done by one of the guitarists of ETID, Jordan Buckley, who is also an artist. He does all his work the old-school way: with a pen on paper. More of his stuff can be seen here. While some it might not appeal to your aesthetic, at least you can appreciate the skill and attention to detail in the drawings...

Simple, clean, effective, with a bit of an old-school style to it, another one of my favorites.

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