Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 14

i hate how i have not figured out how to be more precise in photoshop.


  1. John says:

    "Great job on the logo, I like the color of the beer and the name of the product, and the idea of a slogan. The only thing stopping me from buying that beer is the dragon heads. What would it look like with something less imposing, like an eagle or a hawk?"

  2. The arch or the text and the border seem to be off. You should try to line them up or maybe put an oval or something behind the text that lines up with it or bridges the gap between the two.

  3. henk - the arch, the text, the border, EVERYTHING is off...I did this in photoshop and for some reason I fail at knowing how to fine tune designs the way I can in illustrator...

    John/Lynn - I'm not totally sure what the two heads are, I think its a stylized bird of some sort...but it is rather fierce, I see how it could be dragon heads. But it is a fierce hearty beer! Well, if it wasn't fictional. I will be doing more labels like this though, and I'll experiment with less imposing animals...You wouldn't want to drink dragon beer?! If you have any good ideas for another name/more slogans, feel free to tell me! (I'll credit you and give you a 20% cut of the profits?)