Thursday, May 14, 2009

no thing


  1. I didn't notice any typos so...I'm assuming the copy was taken from somewhere else...

    I might want to see the paragraph moved down so that the top margin is at least the size of the left margin, if not a little bit greater...

    thanks for posting!

  2. Ohhh, I see now. "Posted by Henk." Ha.
    I was wondering about how/where this would be used... in a magazine or as a poster? I agree with the equal margins, adding that the line spacing of the copy is a little unnerving or too much. The size of the paragraph currently breaks up the word ecosystems... and I'd like to see 'no thing' in the same font. The photograph is from Europe then?

  3. Yeah... the text was kind of a last minute addition. I thought it needed a bit more but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. The larger left margin was intentional but clearly not to popular. I will probably go back to it latter when I have time...

    And yes, the pictures are from europe, Italy if you wanna get specific, no big deal.

  4. I would say keep "no thing" in the font that its in...I enjoy the two different typefaces, the larger sans-serif face gives a nice balance to the typewriter-like serif...

  5. I really like the fish in the translucent back image... I liked the rock-shore image until you got all cocky about it. "It's Italy - no big deal." Sheesh.