Thursday, May 21, 2009

Living in the Past

These are some older pieces that I found on my computer and revamped a little bit. The bottom one still does not feel completely right. Its missing something or needs to lose something... I'm not sure, any ideas? 


I lightened the red up a bit and moved face down a little so that the teeth aren't as centered. I tried moving down farther but then I felt it was to weighted toward the bottom. I also changed to teeth to actual gold. They were always supposed to be "gold" but this is better then the yellow I think. The teeth were always supposed to be dominate or over the top but I do think that this is a better solution. Thanks for the input.  


  1. hi Henk,
    I'm glad to see you doing some work and being part of this collaborative project with Paul. The big yellow teeth in the bottom piece seem to be very dominant. See what would happen if you lighten the brown in order to lessen the contrast. Keep the black full strength.

  2. I concur, the yellow teeth are very dominant, also they are very centralized, this could add to their dominance...Maybe shift the whole face down so that the chin part is cropped off just a little bit at the bottom...

    Also do you mean for the teeth to be yellow? or would you rather have them gold? (is that a picture of method man? or red? they look the same...) or maybe make the typography gold?