Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 6

(click on the image to view full size - it looks a lot better that way)

such a long day
- after being on a plane for 6 hours i almost did not post something today - but i was very inspired today at pike place market that i just had to get my vision on paper, so to speak.

this took about 2 hours to make..."if ya countin'!"


  1. You should talk about the font... because that MAY BE the best sans serif I've ever seen.

  2. Paul and Henk,
    Fine designs—emblematic and poetic (I'm also responding to Henk's previous image as well).
    Please see the following address, your images seem to relate to my interest in going back to the primordial creation.

    Side Note: the 'Daily Palette" is showing a single piece from a series of about 20 giclée prints. The series will be shown this fall in a one-person exhibition at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, in the Kristin Wigley-Fleming Gallery.

  3. Versluis,

    Thank you for the comment, the large-fish triptych is one of my favorite pieces, very iconic. The Benday-dot technique is also visually compelling and one of my favorites.

    Hopefully we can make it down to the exhibition opening this fall.